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British Values

What We’re All About

Our young learners are in the process of grasping the principles of these values through a diverse array of educational experiences encompassing the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. Here are some illustrative examples of how we instill British Values in our daily operations at Fulham's Angels Nursery, encompassing our ethos, policies, and everyday practices.


At Fulham's Angels Nursery, we prioritize freedom and choice for our children. Their daily routines and surroundings are thoughtfully designed to maximize opportunities for child-led experiences. We've created an environment filled with thoughtfully selected, engaging resources that are expertly arranged and meticulously maintained. These resources encourage independence, well-being, and active, deeply engaged play.

While we do incorporate adult-initiated group activities, we keep them concise and purposeful, tailoring them to meet individual needs and offering appropriate support. We also employ group discussions and investigations to prominently capture children's ideas and voices.

Our children are taught the value of finding fair solutions in most situations, with our staff integrating Emotion Coaching and Protective Behaviors into every aspect of their interactions. This approach equips children with high levels of emotional intelligence and instills qualities like patience, kindness, a willingness to assist others, and a strong understanding of their peers.

At Fulham's Angels Nursery, we foster a sense of unity among the children. We cultivate a culture of mentorship and real-life experiences that educate children on the importance of their contributions to the broader community.

Children's ideas hold significant weight, and they actively shape the experiences and development of our Nursery School. This iterative process is reflected in our daily spontaneous planning, which is driven by a continuous cycle of observation, teaching, and evaluation, ensuring that our children's voices and insights remain at the heart of our educational approach.

Rule of Law

Children at Fulham's Angels Nursery don't just learn to follow rules; they gain a deep understanding of how these rules and routines are the foundation of a thriving community where everyone has the fundamental right to feel safe at all times.

We equip our children with essential skills for self-regulation and conflict resolution through a unified approach known as Emotion Coaching, consistently applied throughout the Nursery School. This approach involves a three-step process:

1. Acknowledging and validating their feelings.

2. Providing clarity about which actions are acceptable and which are not.

3. Allowing time and support for the children involved to collaboratively address and resolve the issue.

Our children also take on the responsibility of caring for their learning environment. They are encouraged to embrace the principle of "Choose it, use it, put it back" when they finish using an area. Tidy up time is a collective effort, and they eagerly participate in tasks like washing up, wiping down, sweeping, and organizing resources, returning them to their designated, clearly labeled shelves.

Additionally, our children learn the value of active listening, both in small and large group settings and during independent play. We facilitate this process with tools like signing and visual prompts, promoting essential communication strategies such as taking turns, asking for help, initiating play, practicing gentleness, pausing, sitting down, and attentively looking and listening.

Individual Liberty

We've cultivated a vibrant and inspiring learning environment coupled with clear routines, all designed to encourage and bolster children's independence.

Central to this nurturing atmosphere is the establishment of secure and nurturing connections between children and their designated key persons, alongside the growth of their social circles as they interact with their peers.

Our practitioners employ specific praise that aligns with the language of The Characteristics of Effective Learning. This approach enables children to recognize how they are becoming empowered and effective life-long learners.

Children receive comprehensive support to enhance their self-confidence in their own ideas and endeavors. Our highly skilled early years practitioners and teachers actively contribute to building self-esteem by engaging in shared and sustained thinking with each child. We not only listen attentively but also interact in a way that offers just the right amount of support for children to explore their thoughts and bring their plans to fruition.

Moreover, we make it a priority to celebrate every child's voice and interests by selecting a small group of children to be the focus for weekly observation. This practice not only honors the child's perspective but also actively involves families, who provide valuable input each time their child takes on the role of a focus learner.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Children are taught to not only acknowledge but also celebrate their unique differences. Our staff leads by example, fostering an environment of inclusion and warm acceptance for all our children and their families. We place great emphasis on celebrating learning and showing genuine interest in all that is new and different, whether it pertains to our own experiences or those of others.

We are deeply committed to inclusion, giving equal consideration to all needs, cultures, languages, and faiths within our diverse community. Our selection of equipment, toys, and stories reflects a rich array of ethnicities and cultures. 

Children enjoy hands-on learning experiences of various cultures and religions, which are seamlessly integrated into their daily lives and explored through a wide range of religious festivals celebrated throughout the year. This approach ensures that children gain a comprehensive and firsthand understanding of the diverse world around them.

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