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Our Values & Ethos

What We’re All About

At Fulham's Angels Nursery, we wholeheartedly embrace the uniqueness of every child, and we hold their individuality in high regard. Our primary objective is to create an environment where each child can thrive, experiencing success both in their learning and relationships, which in turn nurtures a strong and resilient self-esteem, along with a genuine love for learning.

We are dedicated to striking the perfect balance by offering the right level of challenge and providing precisely the amount of support that each child requires. This approach empowers them to build their independence, grow in confidence, nurture their talents and abilities, while also addressing any developmental needs or difficulties they may encounter along their educational journey.

Fulham's Angels Nursery adheres to a holistic approach of early childhood education. When we expose children to different environments and various learning experiences, we allow them to explore their self-awareness and gain a sense of the world around them. Once they leave our Nursery, they’re fully prepared for the next stage of their young lives.

In our setting, we've carefully crafted an environment that fosters the development of essential characteristics for effective learning. Our goal is to encourage children's natural curiosity, facilitate their exploration and play, ignite their inquisitiveness, and promote sustained shared thinking.

Our resources are thoughtfully arranged to be easily accessible, well-organized within workshop areas, and intentionally flexible and open-ended, enabling children to explore and create in a way that suits their individual interests and needs. Our learning environment is dynamic and ever-evolving to ensure it remains responsive to the evolving interests and requirements of the children in our care.


Safeguarding is the foundation of our entire approach. It is the duty of every individual within our community to promptly report and take action on any concerns within a well-established and efficient safeguarding framework.


The parents or caregivers of a child play a pivotal role as their first and enduring educators and advocates. We hold great importance in collaboration, working hand in hand with parents to share our insights into each child's unique personality, needs, and interests, all with the goal of providing the best possible support for their learning and development.

Our aim is to provide parents with a clear understanding of their child's developmental progress. This empowers parents to bolster their knowledge and confidence in their role as lifelong educators and advocates for their child's educational rights. We achieve this through an ongoing and open dialogue, where we discuss observations made both at home and in the school setting. We also offer opportunities for active involvement through sessions, consultations, and workshops that focus on early learning, ensuring a strong partnership between home and the nursery.

We place significant value on the journey of learning, not just the final outcomes. Our approach is rooted in promoting the qualities and attributes that make learning effective, emphasizing the development of engaged, resilient, and confident learners. Our aim is to equip students not only for the next educational stage but also to prepare them for the complexities of life in a diverse and modern world.

Outdoor learning is a great source of inspiration for many young children. To harness this inspiration, we provide regular and extended opportunities for children to explore our outdoor areas, which is an essential component of our sessions. While the activities and experiences may vary in the outdoor setting, we uphold the same fundamental principles of learning as we do indoors.

We understand the significance of nurturing self-regulation and social skills in children as they are foundational for their success not only in education but in life as a whole. Consequently, we are committed to providing a steadfast emotion coaching framework that assists all children in developing these crucial attributes. 

It's important to recognize that the relationships children form with both their peers and the adults in our Nursery School have a direct impact on their ability to engage with and access all aspects of the curriculum.

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